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The Manchineel - World’s Most Dangerous Tree

M anchineel is native to Florida in the United States, and the Caribbean coast. It holds the Guinness record for the world's most dangerous tree. It is extremely toxic; every part of it is poisonous. Its leaves, branches and bark secrete a highly toxic white creamy sap that causes burning, skin irritation. You don't actually have to touch it to be harmed. Even a single drop of rain, which has touched the Manchineel, can cause severe burns and blisters on the skin and even blindness can occur if it touches a person´s eye.

Why Do Boys Get More Pimples Than Girls?

T his is because the real cause of pimples is hormonal. So it is a problem that affects adolescents. Adolescents, a stage of life in which hormone production runs wild. At this stage of development, the body begins to produce more androgens. These hormones, among other things, stimulate the sebaceous glands at the root of the hair follicles; they secrete more sebum an oily or waxy matter, to lubricate and waterproof the skin. Which emerges through the pores of the epidermis. But they do it in such quantities and so quickly that the pore is clogged.

Harold McCluskey : The Atomic Man

H arold McCluskey was a chemical operations technician at the Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant. On August 30, 1976, McCluskey was exposed to 500 times the occupational standard for americium-241 as the consequence of an explosion and embedding radioactive americium (Americium is an artificially produced element) in his skull, turning him into the Atomic Man. He was exposed to the largest amount of radioactive americium ever recorded.

The Largest Ransom Ever Paid To a Single Individual

L argest ransom ever paid was in 1532 when the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro captured the Inca Emperor Atahualpa. Atahualpa was held for eight months during which Pizarro extracted the largest ransom in return for a promise to free the Inca emperor. A promise he did not keep as he executed the emperor after being paid the ransom, in a ridiculous trial. The ransom was enough gold & silver to fill a room 22 feet long by 17 feet wide to a height of over 8 feet. It is difficult to specify how much they paid. However, it is recognized as the highest ransom paid in the history of mankind.

How Much Radiation Is In A Single Banana? Is it safe to Eat?

B ananas are an astounding source of potassium and sugar. This popular fruit certainly has its own energy .... Nuclear! There is very little Potassium 40, more than enough to make the banana is radioactive. The normal banana contains at least 0.1 micro sieverts (0.1 μSv) of radiation. You get more radiation from eating a single banana than living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant for a year. Interestingly, there is even “Banana equivalent dose” (BED) to measure small radiation leaks that occur in nuclear power plants.

This Man Turned Himself into a Publicly Owned Company

M ike Merrill began to engage in his oddly brilliant idea when he was 30 years old back in 2008. At first, he put up for online auction 100,000 shares of himself at the price of $1 a share. The investors were also purchasing into the profits he made outside of his day job as a customer service representative. Initially, he was able to sell 929 shares to his companions. This began to catch the attention from social networks; he starts selling more shares via online auction. 

Unbelievable Multiple Gunshot Suicide

M ultiple gunshot suicides aren't conceivable, however, possible due to lack of lack of immediate incapacitation in rare case. This case is unbelievable. An Australian man committed suicide by shot in the chest with a shotgun, then in the head with a pistol, then in the throat with a shotgun and still hadn't died until a second shot to the chest with the shotgun.

If you have hopes to be an astronaut, don't forget to brush your teeth! It’s true

E ver wonder why astronauts require great teeth? The first reason is the acceleration at which astronauts are flying to get into space. The acceleration forces and vibrations during a flight into space can be extremely strong. During the launch phase, an astronaut has to withstand pressures up to four times their own body weight. Poor dental-fillings teeth could become loose or fall out due to vibration, and the presence of cavities can be painful with the atmospheric pressure changes as well.

Meet the Painter Who Was Born With No Eyes

E sref Armagan was born in 1953 in Turkey, a Painter, but blind. He is an inspiring self-taught man. He learned all on his own how to read and write. He started drawing, using pencil and paper from the age of six, developed a passion for painting without taking any courses. He needs an absolute quiet when working.  He has one goal, to discover, understand the world. 

Roopkund Lake: The Lake of the skeletons

I magine a frozen lake, when the ice melts, reveals the disturbing vision of the remains of more than 300 people, a kind of mass grave. This is Roopkund Lake. R oopkund Lake is located at the top of the Himalaya, India, at an altitude of about 5000 meters. The lake was first discovered in 1942. When the ice melts, hundreds of human skeletons are seen below the surface. It is not clear whether local people knew about these in earlier times or not, but first written reports appear in 1898.

Laika the Dog, The sad story of stray dog who became one of the first animals in space

W ho said that a dog could not change history? Everyone who talks about space exploration recognize the name Laika. A small stray dog from Moscow Street became both the first traveler and victim of the space race.

Cryptophasia: Secret Language Of Twins

C ryptophasia is a phenomenon of a language developed by twins (identical or fraternal) that only the two children could understand. The word has its roots from crypto meaning secret and phasia meaning speech.  It has been reported that up to 50% of young twins will have their own twin language which they use to communicate only with each other and one that cannot be understood by others. "In all cases known, the language consists of imitation of the sound (for example 'meow' for a cat, 'Tic Tac' for clock, etc.), some coined term, word, or phrase, but for the greatest part of words from the adult language adapted to the constrained phonological possibilities of young children. These words being hardly recognizable, the language may turn out to be completely unintelligible to speakers of the parents' languages.

Why Is Toilet Paper White?

C olored toilet paper was first manufactured in 1950s, became popular in the 1970s, when the design was formulaic and people color- coördinated everything. Then, in 1980s with the decline in sales and the expense involved, manufacturers gradually reduced quantities of colored toilet paper and almost completely disappeared. But what caused it? T here are several reasons. Firstly, the problem of dyes. Environmentalists expressed concern that the dyes aren't biodegradable; doctors began warning that dye could cause skin irritation. O ne of the reasons is related to the way the human mind perceives white. It automatically decides that "white" is equivalent to "clean." White toilet paper looks cleaner than the natural color (brownish before it is bleached). Bleaching is not only for aesthetic purposes but also removes the lignin or glue from the wood. The removal of lignin can make the paper much softer. You've probably seen the old newspaper, yello