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CT Scans Reveals Mummy Of A Monk Inside A Buddha Statue

T he mummified bodies that are dated back hundreds of year’s usually relatively common news. However, scientific researchers of the  Meander Medisch Centrum  (MMC) of the Netherlands have been with an unexpected find, an ancient Chinese statue of Buddha, hiding inside a mummy of approximately 1,000 years old. The statue was being exhibited since 1996 at the Museum of Drenthe, and the recent discovery was unveiled through the MMC official site.

Millionaire Monkey, Indian Couple's Sole Heir

A childless couple from Uttar Pradesh in India has an unusual plan that made a pet monkey their sole heir; It includes a house, land and bank accounts. The couples also found a trust that will feed the monkeys that are suffering, starving due to cutting down of forests, and have been removed from their natural habitat. After the monkey dies, all wealth goes to the trust.

Why Airline Food Tastes Bad?

N o matter what it is, airline food tastes so bad. This thought is so widespread. There are already expressions like “Taste like Airplane Food" used to describe foods that do not taste good. This, of course, led the airlines to making great efforts to improve their meal; hiring best chefs to produce tasty dishes for the lucky business class.

An Indian Man Quit High Paying Job in Australia To Become Sarpanch In Village

2 7-year-old  Hanuman Chaudhary,  from Nagpur district of Rajasthan, India, was working as a manager at a resort on the Gold Coast in Australia. He was earning 330000 USD a year in Australia.  One fine day, he received a phone call from his father, and that changed his life forever. 

Can You See A Blood Cell With The Naked Eye?

Y es! Y ou need to look at a bright blue light such as the sky. After a moment, you will see a dance of translucent dots just outside the center of the vision. The dots are short-lived, visible for a second or less, traveling short distances along seemingly random, curvy paths and brighter than the background. If the eye is stopped, the points are still moving around. The dots are white blood cells moving in the capillaries in front of the retina of the eye.

Man Who Writes Own Credit Card Contract, 0% Interest, No Fees, Unlimited Credit; And Sues Bank for Breaking Terms

H e is a hero for everyone who has ever been irritated at their credit-card companies.  When filling a credit card application, people have two choices; either agrees terms and sign it or don’t agree upon the terms and discard it. However, a Russian man took an alternative route; he changed the terms of the agreement.