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If you have hopes to be an astronaut, don't forget to brush your teeth! It’s true

Don't forget to brush your teeth
Ever wonder why astronauts require great teeth? The first reason is the acceleration at which astronauts are flying to get into space. The acceleration forces and vibrations during a flight into space can be extremely strong. During the launch phase, an astronaut has to withstand pressures up to four times their own body weight. Poor dental-fillings teeth could become loose or fall out due to vibration, and the presence of cavities can be painful with the atmospheric pressure changes as well.

- Laika the Dog, The sad story of stray dog who became one of the first animals in space

When the flights are long term, the question of dental care becomes more important. They need to continue taking care of their teeth while living on board of the orbiting laboratory to preparation for their return to surface of the Earth. In 1973, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko had a toothache during the 96 day-long Salyut-6 mission. Since that time, dental instruments were added to the emergency medical kit on board.


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