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They Thought They Had Found An Alien Creature, But The Truth Is Heartbreaking

E arlier this year, palm oil plantation workers in Malaysia freaked out by the sight of a peculiar creature. It was a hairless creature that resembled an alien, with huge claws, crawled like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings. The frightened workers attacked him and managed to scare off the creature. The creature disappeared into the dense jungle.

Uses Of Frog You May Not Have Heard Of

Y ou may know that South American tribes extract poison from frog skin. But you may not know these incredible uses of frog and how that helps our ancestors.

The Great Emu War - The War We Lost

T his is the story of one of the most unusual wars, a real historical fact, and testifying the strength of the human. This is perhaps the first officially declared interspecies war opposed the Australian army to a colony of emu, estimated 20,000 birds. It makes us ashamed: not only because we started this ridiculous war, but also because we lose!