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Top 10 April Fool's Day Pranks Of All Time

I n 1983, Joseph Boskin, a history professor at Boston University, was interviewed by an Associated Press journalist about the history of April fool’s day. Boskin claimed that the celebration dated back to the days of the Roman Empire. When a group of fools and jesters bragged to Emperor Constantine that any one of them could rule the kingdom lot better than the Emperor himself, jester named Kugel was allowed to be emperor for a day. He immediately decreed that only the absurd would be allowed in the kingdom on that day. The custom stuck, and so the tradition was born. Interview with Boskin appeared in newspapers throughout the country. It was reproduced by various international journals. But the story wasn't true; Boskin had made it up as a joke. In fact, Kugel is a traditional Jewish dish!

Back From The Dead: Scientist Want To Clone Mammoth

B ring mammoths back to life by cloning, it seems possible for science. Since the discovery of liquid mammoth blood in 2013, many scientists question how de-extinct a mammoth. The mammoth nicknamed Buttercup found in 2013 in the heart of the Siberian tundra permafrost on the Maly Lyakhovsky Island in northern Russia. Its body is well-preserved and even more incredible; body still contained liquid blood. The discovery made headlines around the world, and it did not take long for South Korean researchers specializing in animal cloning to take samples in the hope of finding cells with preserved DNA.

Viking Ring With "For Allah" Inscription Suggests Contact Between Vikings And The Islamic World

A n ancient ring has shed new light on the links between Vikings and the Islamic world, over a century after its discovery. The ring found in the tomb of a Viking woman finally confirms a link between civilizations, until now, had no direct evidence. This is the first and only physical evidence of the links between Vikings and the Islamic world. The ring was discovered during late the 19th century, in a 9th century tomb in the town of Birka, on Björkö island, about 19 miles from Stockholm. Birka was a key trading center during the Viking Age and declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1993 .

5 Of The Most Creative And Artistic Musical Sculptures

1. Singing Ringing Tree (Panopticons) T he Singing Ringing Tree is a wind-powered  sound sculpture resembling a tree located in the landscape of the Pennine hill range overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, England. Designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu, Constructed from horizontally aligned galvanized steel pipes, which make music when the wind blows. In 2007, the sculpture won the National Prize of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for excellence in architecture.

Capsula Mundi: These Burial Pods Will Turn Your Loved Ones Into Trees

W hat happens after death? If there is one thing on which everyone agrees regardless of religious and philosophical considerations, it is about what happens to our bodies. Closing the loop and back to where we came from, That is the idea of this new method of burial.

Do Not Pee Here! We Pee Back - Funny And Creative Solution To Public Urination

S t. Pauli is one of the most famous Red-light districts throughout Europe and nightlife centre of Hamburg, Germany. Every year this single square mile attracts more than 20 million visitors. Thus, it is common to see drunken revellers, especially foreigners, urinating on the street. Tired of tourists urinating on walls, neighbours and owners of commercial property in the area have decided to strike back.

Here Is The Last Living People Born In 1800s

P eople have always been interested about the secret of long life and what makes some people live for over 100 years. Believe it or not, the five oldest people in the world today were all born in the 1800s! And coincidentally, all of them are women!  Imagine all the milestones in their lifetime.  They have lived through world wars, sinking of the Titanic, development of the aeroplane, invention of television, the space race and eventually the Internet age. In the words of the five oldest people, the secret of their long life is simple, get enough sleep, stay active, exercise every day and eat things you love.

10 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

T he stairs are probably the last thing that comes to mind if someone asks us about potentially interesting photographs, but these 10 images show you that they are indeed impressive. These stairs have become popular all over the world. Each of these stairs has been painted and decorated with large-scale images and bursts of colors.

Drink Coffee And Then Eat The Cup, KFC Makes It Possible

E njoy more than a cup of coffee, at KFC,  we will  soon be able to eat  the coffee cup. “Scoff-ee Cup “ is the name given to the edible coffee cups. Cups are made of the biscuit wrapped with a thin layer of sugar paper, then lined a layer of heat resistant white chocolate that does not melt instantly,  keep the coffee hot and cup crispy. A while later chocolate lining melts and biscuit softens for an easy bite without breaking the whole cup. How wonderful!