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Vincenzo Peruggia - The man who stole the Mona Lisa

A ugust 21, 1911, is a day that art historians never forget. That Monday, a humble decorator, Vincenzo Peruggia left the Louvre Museum by a staircase filled with workers, and guards, to the crowded streets of Paris, carrying nothing but the Mona Lisa; Yes! The famous "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci. Vincenzo Peruggia does not require high-tech equipment; he just takes time and patience. This theft made Mona Lisa what today is. This is the story of one of the most famous art theft of the century and its curious protagonist, Vincenzo Peruggia

Soviet Night Witches - 588th Night Bomber Regiment

T he story of the Women's Air Service Pilots (WASP) in the United States is relatively well known. Much less well known however is the story of the Night Witches, an incredible group of Soviet women who flew bombing missions during World War II.