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Why Do Bananas Bend?

T he banana is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed fresh fruits worldwide. It tastes pleasantly sweet and is very healthy with their vitamins and minerals. Bananas have a regulating effect on the digestion and, in addition, contain the hormone of happiness, serotonin. For most babies, the mashed bananas are often the first solid food after breast milk. Indeed, from childhood we wonder why are bananas curved! I t is quite easy to explain why bananas are curved. Bend shape is actually due to how they grow. Contrary to the idea that one has, bananas do not grow downward but upward.

Top 10 Implantable Technology Soon To Be In Your Body

1. Implantable Smartphones O f course, we are virtually connected to our smartphones all the time, but what if we were physically connected to our smartphones? Indeed, that has already begun to happen. Last year artist Anthony Antonellis had an RFID chip embedded in his arm that could save and transfer small art to the smartphone. B ut what would replace the Display? Well, Autodesk engineers are experimenting with a system that could display images through the artificial skin. Even studying the possibility of eye implants to display visuals, capture an image then transfer it to any local storage. Researchers are also experimenting with bone-conduction speakers that convert human bones into living speakers.

The Strange Case Of The Gibbons Twins Who Refused To Talk

T he similarities between identical twins are many: basically sharing the same genes, and if they grow together often influence each other's behavior. In some cases, they have markedly different tastes.  However, almost always they show the mutual understanding, that from the outside may seem extraordinary. The story of the Gibbons twins has a more visceral, inexplicable elements.