Jan 13, 2015

Meet the Painter Who Was Born With No Eyes

Esref Armagan
Esref Armagan was born in 1953 in Turkey, a Painter, but blind. He is an inspiring self-taught man. He learned all on his own how to read and write. He started drawing, using pencil and paper from the age of six, developed a passion for painting without taking any courses. He needs an absolute quiet when working.  He has one goal, to discover, understand the world. 

Over the years, his style has matured, and it happens to distinguish colors and make them coexist very homogeneously. The art pieces are created without assistance from any individual. He is also able to create paintings that have a visual perspective.


H e gained international popularity and has been a subject to scientific experiments, which studied his amazing ability to see when he is painting. They scan the activities of his brain when he is painting. The result is striking. His visual cortex should not have any activity because of his visual impairment.  It turned out his visual cortex in his brain stimulated whenever he paints. An ability that is not common for blind people, which fascinated scientists. A mysterious talent that allows him to illustrate the things he has never seen, even their colors, shadows and perspective.

In 2009, Arma─čan was invited by Volvo to paint the new model S60 as part of a social media campaign.

For more visit > esrefarmagan.com
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