Mar 7, 2015

10 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

The stairs are probably the last thing that comes to mind if someone asks us about potentially interesting photographs, but these 10 images show you that they are indeed impressive. These stairs have become popular all over the world. Each of these stairs has been painted and decorated with large-scale images and bursts of colors.
Some of them are in public places; others are decorations of private residences. Some of these works are born from the efforts of local communities, revealing the acceptance of street art. For example, the mosaics of San Francisco markets were painted by hundreds of enthusiastic  volunteers from the neighboring communities, under the careful guidance of a couple of artists.

Street  art is still growing and evolving.  They are always looking for new ways to exploit public surfaces and cover them in astonishing art. Below you can see 10 different stairs that are painted with distinct designs, messages, colors, and figures, which called the attention of those who just pass by. These stairs are intended to represent an event, a person or just want colorful neighborhood. These photos are the demonstration that even normal steps can become a work of art. It's definitely worth a look!

1. Tiled Steps, San Francisco

Tiled Steps, San Francisco

2. Valparaíso, Chile

Valparaíso, Chile

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4. The rainbow steps, Istanbul ,Turkey

The rainbow steps, Istanbul – Turkey  

5. Angers, France

Angers, France

6. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy

7. Koi steps in Seoul, South Korea

Koi steps in Seoul, South Korea

8. Stairs of Musical Theatre Seoul, South Korea

stairs of Musical Theatre Seoul, South Korea

9. Stairs of Peace in Syria

Stairs of Peace in Syria

10. Wuppertal, Germany

Wuppertal, Germany
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