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Why Do Bananas Bend?

Why do bananas bend?
The banana is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed fresh fruits worldwide. It tastes pleasantly sweet and is very healthy with their vitamins and minerals. Bananas have a regulating effect on the digestion and, in addition, contain the hormone of happiness, serotonin. For most babies, the mashed bananas are often the first solid food after breast milk. Indeed, from childhood we wonder why are bananas curved!

It is quite easy to explain why bananas are curved. Bend shape is actually due to how they grow. Contrary to the idea that one has, bananas do not grow downward but upward.

Banana Heart
Bananas-BractBanana grows a large pendulous inflorescence (called Banana Heart). The arrow-shaped bud emerges at the top of the plant, then change direction and grow towards the ground due to its weight. Banana fruits are called "fingers." 10 to 20 fingers are assembled into "hands". There are typically 7 to 15 hands per bunch.

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Each cluster of flowers covered by a thick hood like bract (a modified leaf). It's becoming increasingly difficult to the growth of bananas. It descends downward and grows towards the earth. When the fruit begins to mature, layers of bracts fall off. Then bananas, which were straight at the origin, begin to push upwards in the direction of the sun, grow away from the pull of gravity. It is known as negative geotropism. The rod that supports banana bends gradually to give her this beautiful curved shape. Through the change of direction, they get their crooked shape.

Extra Juice:
  • Bananas are naturally radioactive because the presence of Pottasium-40. There is even “Banana equivalent dose” (BED) to measure small radiation leaks.
  • The banana plant is not a tree, it's the world's largest herb.
  • Banana fruit is a berry.


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