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STATWorld was founded based on the idea that there are stories that amazed the world, we don’t know, but we should. We dig information, from our experience many website present myths as real fact without enough research, many facts are misleading. So our goal is to reduce that noise by providing actual information after researching, we are trying our best. If you found any mistakes please contact us.

STATWorld features interesting article from wide area; including amazing science, History, mystery, funny, inspiring stories & jaw dropping facts. STATWorld also trying to answer some weird questions. Simply anything in the world.

Popular posts from this blog

Musa Ingens - The Tallest Banana Plant in the World

W hen we hear the word “Banana,” it reminds us an edible fruit with tiny seed or seedless, grow on the banana plant (herb). Have you ever heard of Musa Ingens, the giant banana? It is a rare banana species that can reach surprising sizes.

Lina Medina - Worlds youngest mother who gave birth at age five

L ina Medina, a Peruvian girl, is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history. She gave birth at the age of 5 years, 7 months and 21 days. Medina was brought to a hospital by her parents at the age of five years due to increasing abdominal size. She was originally thought to have had a tumor, but her doctors determined she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. Dr. Gerardo Lozada took her to Lima, Peru, prior to the surgery to have other specialists confirm that Medina was pregnant.

When NASA’s Mars Mission Failed For Stupid Reason

A ll human beings make mistakes, and NASA is no exception. It is important to learn from this mistake that highlighted the importance of physical units and how they can affect our real life. This is the story of one of the failed mission of NASA.